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Our aims and how you will benefit

1. With your help we will seek valid independence by means of legal secession.

a) We shall have an Australian Constitution approved by the People

b) This constitution shall include a Bill of Rights for the People enshrined in it to safeguard their Rights forever.

c) We shall have valid law and valid government

d) We shall celebrate with pride and joy our true date of Independence.

2. With your help we will 'downsize' our levels of government.

a) Reduces the huge cost of government

b) Reduces the power of government

3. With your help we will outlaw 'Party Line' voting.

a) That will bring back DEMOCRACY to parliament

b) It will mean that your Representative represents you rather than the Party

c) It will eliminate the formation of the various 'power' factions

d) It will reduce the power of politicians and restore that of the People

4. With your help we will seek uniform laws throughout the land.

a) That will reduce cost

b) That will make all Australians equal under the law, no matter where

c) That is a essential ingredient towards national unity

5. With your help we will overhaul our tax system and introduce a 'Debit' Tax

a) Reduces the cost of tax collecting, running presently at app $3 bil/pa

b) No future need to fill out complicated 'Tax Returns'

c) No more receipts to keep or logs to fill out

d) Other taxes removed, such as income, sales, payroll, stampduties etc

e) This means those paying tax outside Australia will have to contribute here

f) This generates more income for the government and for the People.

6.. With your help we will overhaul our banking system

a) Cut our ties with the International Monetary Fund

b) Outlaw fractional banking practices

c) Regulate the banking system and outlaw the practice of "cartels"

d) Control interest rates

e) Control our currency which shall be backed by gold

f) Reconstruct our Reserve Bank as the supplier of credit for infrastructure, agriculture, education, health, industry and environment

7. With your help we will overhaul our judiciary system.

a) Create a new system of law based on truth and justice rather than opinion

b) Codify powers, duties and obligations of the judiciary

c) Change our system of appointing judges and magistrates

d) Overhaul and control the powers of the Family Court

8. With your help we will buy back Australia.

a) Like in Switzerland and Japan, only Australians should hold title of land

b) Australians should not be tenants in their own country

c) That currently held foreign owned titles be converted to lease holdings

9. With your help we will overhaul and rejuvenate our health system.

a) We shall bring back affordable health care for all Australians

b) We shall stamp out unfair and unreasonable medical practices

c) We shall promote free basic health, hospital, dental and optical care

d) We shall not force Australians into private cover by threat and or intimidation

10. With your help we will overhaul our education system.

a) We shall seek uniform standards of education throughout Australia

b) We ensure that education of our Constitution and our constitutional rights be enshrined as part of each secondary school syllabus

c) Complete overhaul of the education system

d) Primary, secondary and post secondary education to be funded by the State

e) To increase the intake of Australian student and reduce the overseas intake

f) To reintroduce a system of apprenticeships for school leavers

g) To establish a dedicated Education Television Channel

11. With your help we will take care of our aged as a matter of National pride.

a) No longer will we turn our back to those who served so diligently

b) No longer shall we allow your living standard to erode

c) No longer shall you need to go without proper shelter and care

f) No longer will you be denied access to proper hospital care or medication

h) No longer shall you be regarded a burden on society

i) We shall ensure that your living standards are maintained

j) We shall ensure that retirement is a joy and not a sentence

12. With your help we will protect our industries and agriculture.

a) We will implement a "buy Australian' policy in all government departments

b) We will not tolerate the "dumping" of overseas products

c) All "globalisation" and "economic rationalism" must be abandoned in favour of a "National System economics" e.g. We are going to look after our own kind first.

d) We promise to promote and encourage the 'value-adding' of our produce and raw materials

e) We promise to overhaul our foreign investment policies

f) We are going to encourage development and creativity

h) We shall outlaw monopolies and other unfair practices

i) We shall embrace and encourage our genuine pioneers in research

j) We will ensure that we stay focussed on making Australia number ONE

13. With your help we will take care of our environment.

a) National credit shall be made available for all projects sponsoring the use of solar and tidal power.

b) Greater effort must be made to understand and reduce the Greenhouse Gases emissions.

c) National policy on the protection of the environment is to be established as a matter of urgency and funds for repairs and implementation to be funded out of national credit

d) That a program be implemented to bring all power lines under ground

14. With your help we pledge and promise the following:

a) That an inquiry shall be conducted into the abuse of the Medicare/Medibank system by medical practitioners

b) That an inquiry be conducted into the cost of professional legal services.

c) That an inquiry be conducted into current banking practices

d) That an inquiry be conducted into the conduct of our judiciary

e) That an inquiry be conducted into the conduct of our politicians

f) That an inquiry be conducted into the conduct of our Governors

h) That an inquiry be conducted into the practice of oil companies in Australia

i) That an inquiry be conducted into the management of Superfunds

j) That we will bring back your rights under the Natural Law

k) That we will cease the policy of disarming the population

l) That we shall promote and protect the values of the FAMILY UNIT

m) That no international treaties effecting the nation such as GATT or the Lima Declaration shall be entered into without the explicit consent of the People.

n) That Australia shall not enter into any FREE TRADE ZONE commitment

o) That any changes to the taxation system may only be made with the consent of the People

p) That never again we shall accept broken promises from our politicians

q) That we shall never again tolerate government to overspend its budget.

r) That never again we shall allow government to burden us with debt without authority


is this nation's greatest enemy.
Don't be led to ruin, give your kids a chance to a future
The above is all achievable, but only with your support
We must break the chains, we must restore the power to the People.
The High Court says that sovereignty lies with the People,
So please, wait no longer and use your sovereign powers and
say "TIME's UP", they have abused our trust and now they must go.
We are the masters and they are but our servants. They must obey.

Let us salvage what we can and recreate our own piece of heaven.
We can do it, we must do it and do it now.
We will stand up and fight for you but we need your support.
Let us make Australia a better place and begin today.

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