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The 1953 Double Tax Act

Dear Fellow Australians,

Please find enclosed report regarding The 1953 Double Tax Act

In 1995 a World Bank survey revealed that per capita Australia was the wealthiest country in the world.

It is interesting, therefore, to look at the social conditions in Australia in recent times.

Almost one in three in Australia lives in poverty. We have the second worst level of child poverty in the industrialised world. Unemployment is almost 20% (the Government does not tell the truth about true unemployment). In some areas, youth unemployment is 70%. Young children sell their bodies for sex just to survive. We have a suicide every 4 hours. Bankruptcies have increased 300% in the last 20 years. we have family breakdowns and ‘street kids’. Industries have closed down and farmers have left the land in droves. There is misery and despair. And this is only part of the story.

How could this happen in the World’s richest country?

There are a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons is legislation passed by our politicians in 1953, commonly known as the The 1953 Double Tax Act.

This legislation allowed foreign multinational corporations operating in Australia to pay little or no tax. There is reason to believe that the profits of at least $200 Billion (perhaps much more) have been leaving Australia for many years, virtually tax free. The Deputy Commissioner of Taxation has openly admitted that since 1953 multinational corporations have paid little or no tax.

Whilst allowing foreigners not to pay tax, Australian wage and salary earners are taxed almost 50% on their earnings, from the three levels of government and indirect taxes.

Australian companies, having to pay their fair share of tax, have been unable to compete with these foreigners. Australians have been thrown on the unemployment scrap-heap, through no fault of their own.

Today, 96% of all companies in Australia are owned by foreigners. These freeloaders have used and use our infrastructure (roads, rails, power, water, etc.) without paying tax.

Furthermore, foreign multinational corporations will not pay (relative) high wages to Australians, when they can employ workers in poor countries overseas, where wages are only a fraction of our wages.

Millions of Australians live in poverty, miser, and despair, with no hope for the future, in the richest country on earth.

This has been deliberately and needlessly inflicted on us by our politicians, who are elected to carry out our wishes and to act in our best interests.

Australian politicians, from all the mainstream Parties, have attempted to keep this treacherous legislation secret. But it is time that all Australians were told about it.

Yours sincerely,

John Burge, P.O. Box 324, Mitchem, 3132

The Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, Mr Jim Killaly has admitted that since 1953 multinational corporations have paid little or no taxation (Sydney Morining Herald, 28/10/96)

Some recent examples:

1996 - 1997 1997 - 1998

Total tax revenue: $ 124.6 Billion $ 167.9 Billion

Australians paid: $ 114.7 Billion $ 160.0 Billion

Foreign corporations paid: $ 9.9 Billion $ 7.8 Billion

(Austand’s "Oznews" Newsletter, August 1999 and January 2000. Original ABS Taxation Revenue 5506.0 1996-97; 1997-98)

In Japan, for example, multinational corporations pay 52% tax on profits.

In Australia, the average family of four people has a total tax bill of over $ 40,000 a year (On Target Newsletter, 11/6/99). The typical family now pays almost have its income in taxes (Four Corners TV program, 18/5/98). In this sense, we are almost "half slaves". Australians earning $ 50,000 and above pay 68.7 % tax (columnist Gerard McManus).

Some $ 200 Billion profit leaves Australia annually (The Republic of The Rich, by B.Ruxton and G.Merritt). Austand, who has been studying the Double Tax Fraud for 10 years, estimates that $ 400 Billion now flies out of Australia annually (Oznews, Oct. 1999). Remember, this profit is leaving Australia virtually tax free!


These freeloaders have used our infrastructure, and have contributed virtually nothing. Words that come to mind are: rape, pillage, loot, sack. They have treated us with complete contempt, with the full cooperation of our mainstream political Parties, and much of the mainstream media.

Australia’s foreign debt is at least $ 250 Billion(unless one blinks – it goes up like a rocket). To pay for this monstrous debt (and for other reasons) our political "leaders" have sold off almost all of our infrastructure to foreigners.

Today, 96 % of all corporations operating in Australia are owned by foreigners (The Republic of the Rich)

Foreign ownership in other countries is: UK–10.5 %; USA–10.3 %; Japan–2.1 %; EU 3.5 % (Oznews, June 1998)

Transnational and multinational corporations are driven by profits, and profits alone. There is no conscious, there are neither ethics nor morals nor responsibilities, they continuously seek out those governments who are willing to whore out their citizens at the cheapest rates.

Ironically Australia is possibly the only nation in the world, that is totally self-sufficient in every way, and easily could survive by itself. We do not need these foreigners to rape and plunder our assets. They have nothing to contribute , they create no benefits.

If foreign companies had been taxed appropriately since 1953 imagine what we could have done to our hospitals, pensions, education, industry, farmers, military defence etc etc

The Double Tax Fraud must not be considered in isolation. It is part of the agenda to destroy the economy of the world’s richest country and put us in massive debt to international financiers. The borrower is always servant to the lender. It is well documented that the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) had told Australia it must have a Goods and Services Tax (GST). Our grovelling politicians obsequiously obey their international masters and so we are to be taxed even more!

Petitions are being collected to defeat this wicked GST.

Strong independent, sovereign countries with strong economies, Military Forces, healthy, confident people are a barrier to the planned World Government (often referred to as The New World Order, or "Globalism"). The Double Tax Fraud is just one of the tools to debilitate a strong Australia as a prelude to a World Government.

A World Government will be the end of our sovereignty, the end of Australia.

Australians WAKE UP and make it your duty to WAKE Up your friends and neighbours

Don’t say shame, shame, shame politicians, how could you do this, this act of treason.

Stand up and say TIME is UP, you have misled us, deceived us, you have betrayed us, you have enslaved us into poverty, stolen our assets and livelihood, you have sold us out and denied our kids a future. You might have taken our dignity, but never our spirit and now we stand up united.

We, the People of Australia, are your Masters and you were but our servants.

You have no legitimate authority and you must go !


TIME is UP, we take no more.