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YES or NO ?

Our politicians, academia and judiciary say YES, but cannot remember when it happened! Can you, or should you believe that? Of course NOT!

Every independent nation celebrates its own Independence Day, and why shouldn’t they, but we in Australia cannot even remember when (or if) it happened.

If it happened, then where is the proof that it did happen? If we had that, then we would also know when we became independent! But none of the politicians, judiciary or our academics seem at all interested in finding that magic date, not even for historical interest. WHY? Because the moment they come up with a date, they must identify the legal process or instrument that made us change from a self-governing colony into a sovereign independent nation, and there is NONE!

Our politicians conveniently passed the Australia Act 1986, but the High Court does recognise, that this Act, or any other for that matter, could possibly have converted us into a sovereign independent State. The High Court instead claims that the exact moment of independence can not be ascertained. Very convenient, but why not?

Every expert on international law, outside Australia, will state without exception that independence is gained INSTANTLY, not over a period of time and not by way of evolution, as we are told here in Australia. You either have independence, or you have not! Much like pregnancy, you either are, or you are not.


That is a very good question, and believe me, we are being denied the truth. But the truth, just like cream, will always rise to the surface and with the aid of modern technology, such as the internet, it is rapidly surfacing.

Soon you will discover, if you will bother to check the facts, that our (public) servants, our politicians, judges and the like, have convenient and cunningly changed the roles, and now have become the masters, and we the people the servants. How ?

Already as far back as 1917 the Dominions were given the option to secede from the UK immediately following WW1. This was most likely due to the formation of the League of Nations, and the UK being uncomfortable with having only one vote. By giving the Dominions independence, the mighty British Empire could at least count on an additional 5 votes.

However, we could only legally secede, if the people would vote to do so in a referendum. After all, you cannot legally take someone’s birthright away without consent. And this is when our problems started. Immediately following the war, in 1919 when our Prime Minister was about to go to the people, the British put down the most bloodied uprising in history.

So we never did become legally independent and we remained legally British subjects. In 1919, Already Billy Hughes had lost 2 referendums on conscription, because the Irish here did not want to have their sons killed to defend Britain. Can you imagine the fear of British business in Australia, should the Irish find out that we were about to cut ties? They most likely would have nationalised all British interest in retaliation. There actually was a Royal Commission into the Constitution in 1926, but sadly at the end the question was never put.

Without a plebiscite of the people, we could not and did not become an independent sovereign nation, legally. That did not, however, stop our politicians, with the help of their counter parts in the UK, pretending to the rest of the world, that we were. With 6 votes, the British Empire had a good chance to dominate world affairs and keep the USA (that old colony) and the French under some sort of control.

However, the British were forced to pass legislation that denied people born outside Britain British subject status in an effort to stem the flow of migrants from Pakistan and the West Indies. So now we were declared aliens, aliens governed under British law.

You see if we had become legally independent, the international principle of uti possidetis juris would have become effective immediately. Under that principle, as applied in the break up of USSR, Slovakia, Bosnia, East Timor etc, the territory is defined at that moment and protected under international law. Inside those borders everything of the past dies, like a contract run out of date, and a brand new legal entity emerges. So all States, laws, constitutions (and ATO) etc disappear, but can be brought back again within a new legal document, such as a new constitution.

Under international law it is not possible to continue with the old system without a break. There must be a clear break, a total cut off from the past, followed by a fresh new beginning. You may bring everything of the past back, but that can only be done legally through a new contract, such as a new constitution.

As you can see either way our system is invalid. If we legally became independent all the past became null and void, even if it only happened 5 minutes ago. If we did not, then all legislation (incl tax laws) become null and void since they are in violation of our rights under Magna Carta. Our present governments are de facto since they violated the fundamental rights of the people and the law says ..’if a government violates the fundamental rights of the people, the government abdicates...


The most important thing to do is check the facts for yourself, go on the internet, to your library and check the facts. Educate yourself on the laws that govern us and those that are supposed to govern us.

Regain the liberty you love, only vigorous education in law will reclaim your freedom ! - Dr. Tafel

Let us make an effort and spare our children from the crimes committed on us. Educate them and set them free. Let the people regain their right to be their own masters, and enshrine these rights for future generations, for ever. Let us never again become the slaves of those who are to serve. Start today, educate yourself on your rights, and unchain your shackles, allow yourselves the chance , to be once again freemen and natural persons, and masters of your own destiny.

The newly formed Australian Independence Party will make every effort in order to help you achieved this freedom, but we cannot do it alone. You need to stand up and do it now, to fight and regain your rights. They already were yours and given for ever, but cunningly taken away and hidden from us by those who claim now to be our masters.

Look up the Lima Declaration and you will find, that our politicians signed an international treaty agreeing to cut manufacturing in Australia by 25 - 30% to allow imports from less developed nations. That is the real reason why so many manufacturing businesses are forced to close down and dismiss their staff. Understand what is proposed by the SE Asian Free Trade Zone, which will allow goods from the Asian region into Australia free of tariffs and ask why the people of Australia, in stark contrast, must pay yet another tax, the GST?

It is time that we say to our politicians, those public servants, TIME’s UP. No longer are we going to swallow whatever you dish up, NO, we are not going to pay for water, which is a basic commodity for survival, when we pay such aggressive taxes, NO, we are not going to allow you to fluctuate our interest rates and play havoc with our lives. TIME’s UP!

You have abused our trust, you have denied our rights, you have ignored our plight and you have TOTALLY SOLD US OUT.

In law you have no authority and you have no legal standing. Under Australian law you have abdicated since you have violated our fundamental rights, under international law you have committed crimes and have no legal authority. Either way you wish to argue, independent, not independent, you are de facto, you have no valid laws and legally you do not exist.

TIME's UP the people of Australia are fed up with your deceit, we are taking control of our own country now, we are the sovereign and this country belongs to us. This country is to be governed for the People and by the People and we are no longer going to be held to ransom by some party whip and his merry men. You were the servants, who betrayed your masters, But no longer.

Please take a good look at some recent legislation. At first most people thought it to be a joke, but it actually has been passed by our wonderful and caring politicians to be used on us. As you can see it does not matter if it actually happened, the ATO can legally claim that it did, no matter what. Can you believe that? You better do something about it, and do it right now!

GST ACT (past last month) Section 165-55

For the purpose of making a declaration under this subdivision the Commissioner may:-

• Treat a particular event that actually happened as not having happened, and

• Treat a particular event that did not actually happen as having happened and, if appropriate,

treat the event as

- Having happened at a particular time, and

- Having involved particular action by a particular entity; and

• Treat a particular event that happened as

- Having happened at a time different from the time it actually happened; or

- Having involved particular action by a particular entity whether or not the event involved any action by that entity.

Can you believe that our trusty, honest politicians have given a legal right to the Commissioner of Taxation to frame you and fabricate and twist evidence to suit his arguments and give him an excuse to rob you ?

Well it is true! What is also true, is that the ATO is not a legal entity and legally does not exist. What is also true is that the Deputy-Commissioner is by law (that is if it was valid) forbidden to sub-delegate any of his powers. It is also true that the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 is not a legal Act, but at the very best a Bill that was past by both Houses of the Parliament. WHY? Well very simply the Governor-General, Lord Gowrie nice man that he was, gave Royal Assent in the name of the King, but sadly on 2 June 1936 the United Kingdom was minus a King in Parliament. King George V had died in January that year, and King George VI was crowned in December. And in between, there was only our beloved Edward VIII, who sadly never was crowned King of England, did not take his Coronation Oath, but happily took Mrs. Simpson instead.

These are few of so many wonderful stories of how we are bullied, intimidated and deceived, and all without any legal justification.

Remember you can do something about it, don’t wait too long – START TODAY, we will be with you all the way. People of Australia you must unite TIME’s UP.

Contact us at: Australian Independence Party


"…the best governed society, is the one governed the least…" – Thomas Jefferson