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The Information Kit      (27 August 2000)

Is Australia an independent sovereign nation or not?
Are our constitutions, State and Commonwealth valid in law or not?
Do those that claim to govern us have any legal authority or not?
The following nine chapters will argue each issue from opposite sides. [ find out more ]

The Debit Tax      (31 May 2000)

Dump 40 Federal Taxes and get a Budget Surplus with NO GST...[ find out more ]

The 1953 Double Tax Act      (10 Apr 2000)

Almost one in three in Australia lives in poverty. We have the second worst level of child poverty in the industrialised world. Unemployment is almost 20% (the Government does not tell the truth about true unemployment). In some areas, youth unemployment is 70%. Young children sell their bodies for sex just to survive. We have a suicide every 4 hours. Bankruptcies have increased 300% in the last 20 years. we have family breakdowns and ‘street kids’. Industries have closed down and farmers have left the land in droves. There is misery and despair. And this is only part of the story... [ find out more ]

Membership Application Form      (28 May 2000)

The updated Australian Independence Party membership application form is now available herePrint it out, fill it in, and send it in to our offices.

What is the foundation of our law ?      (18 Mar 2000)

King Alfred, who reigned during the 9th century, employed his learned scribe Asser, a Welsh monk form Menevia, to translate the Molmutine Laws form the Keltic tongue into Latin, in order that he might incorporate them into his own Anglo-Saxon Code. Afterwards King Alfred rewarded Asser, in appreciation for his work, and made him Abbot of Amesbury and Bishop of Sherborne.

King Molmutius, who reigned for 40 years in the 4th century B.C. has been regarded as the lawgiver of Britain... [ find out more ]

Are We Independent?

Our politicians, academia and judiciary say YES, but cannot remember when it happened! Can you, or should you believe that? Of course NOT!

Every independent nation celebrates its own Independence Day, and why shouldn’t they, but we in Australia cannot even remember when (or if) it happened... [ find out more ]

Our Aims and How You Will Benefit      (5 Mar 2000)
With your help we will seek valid independence by means of legal secession.
a) We shall have an Australian Constitution approved by the People
b) This constitution shall include a Bill of Rights for the People enshrined in it to safeguard their Rights forever.
c) We shall have valid law and valid government
d) We shall celebrate with pride and joy our true date of Independence...
[ find out more ]